90 Days Transformation by Pharmanex – Weight Loss Tracker

Finally, I decided to take a challenge to reduce weight and be healthy! Thanks to my wife and the current technology in this company to bring a fantastic solution to the public demand.

The package i am taking is named TR90, it stands for TRansformation 90 days. This is the time now to step up, weighting UP the Opportunity.

I used to be 95kg, after trying very hard to lose some weight. I am losing some water mass to about 92kg. I am taking the TR90 program currently and my weight is reducing to 89kg and I am tracking it with the Weight Loss Tracker at this website. The facts and figures tell the truth. Check it out by contacting us! We would like to show you that HOW the TR90 life-cycle CAN WORK for YOU as well! Together we reduce FAT mass and build more muscles.

TR90 cycle
TR90 Lifecycle

Show a league table of weight loss users.

Name Weight Difference+/-No of entries
1 Jon -3.8kg -4% 21
2 CY -0.3kg -1% 2