The more you give, the more you get!

Nothing is above us and nothing is below us. Just have to lead by example in this case. The success of the program is the focus of achieving the dreams to have a healthy body and not to become the slave of your over weight burden.

If you are fit, that is the good news for you. However, many of us including me are struggling to reduce weight and to achieve fitness! It is a journey to success and being healthy. I just have to do it and work harder.

Nowadays, i pay more attention then before the food which I consume everyday. I always keep in mind of the in take quantity for FV, NMP, MP and C. It is a progress for me. I am happy with it but it is just not enough!

I have to keep reminding myself to step up. Appreciate that my wife is helping me along the way, she is trying her best to keep track for me. I am very lucky.

If you don’t have someone to encourage you. Your determination and motivation has to be greater, and you have to just work harder and harder…There is no lazy way out!

The slimming program can help a little but not pills can just solve your over weight issues which have been there for years. The healthy diet and exercise are more important if not equally important. So JUST DO IT!